Central Elgin's Symbols

coat of armsWithin the Coat of Arms of the Municipality, the wavy white lines on the shield represent the three significant geographic features within the Municipality: Lake Erie, Kettle Creek and Catfish Creek. The ears of corn and the fish located in the centre of the shield represent Central Elgin 's predecessor municipalities: the agricultural roots of the Township of Yarmouth and the Village of Belmont and the fishing heritage of the Village of Port Stanley. The sail represents Central Elgin 's marine ties with the lake. St. Andrew's (saltire) cross on the sail is symbolic of the family of Lord Elgin. The mythical creatures on either side of the shield: horse/fish and deer/fish again show the Municipality's ties to both the land and Lake Erie. The horse is representative of the work horses that pulled ploughs across the fields of Yarmouth Township. Finally, the deer was found on the Coat of Arms of the Village of Port Stanley, symbolizing the family of Lord Stanley for whom that community was named.

The Coat of Arms were granted in 1999 by the Governor General, he Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc, exercising the armorial prerogative of Her Majesty the Queen.        

crest of municipality of central elgin

The crest of the Municipality is derived from the shield of the coat of arms.

summer at central elgin

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