Recognition Awards

Heritage Recognition Awards

Each year since 2004, the municipal council has recognized citizens and groups who have contributed to the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage in Central Elgin.
These awards are given in conjunction with the Ontario Heritage Trust who examine the nominations and issue the certificates that the council present. Heritage Central Elgin make recommendations to the council each year but anyone in Central Elgin can nominate someone for these awards. The nominations have to be in before the last council meeting in June. Those who have been recognized each year in the various categories are as follows:

Lifetime (over 20 years)
2004: John Martyn for all his work with the Sparta Historical Society, Heritage Central Elgin and the Elgin-St. Thomas Archives Association as well as publishing The History of the Sparta Settlement
2005: Frank and Nancy Prothero for their many publications on the history of Port Stanley and the fishing industry
2006: changed to Lieutenant Governor's award
2008: Eilene Stewart for her and her husbands work publishing books on the flaura and fawna of Elgin and their discoveries of unique species
2009: Richard Haddow for his dedicated work with the North Yarmouth Historical Society
2010: Joan Mansell for her work with the North Yarmouth Historical Society, the Women's Institute and the Kettle Valley Pioneers
wood cottageCultural Heritage
2004: Craig Cole for the many DVD's produced on the Port Stanley region for Heritage Port
2005: Lois Joliffe for her many years of volunteer work with the Port Stanley Terminal Rail
2006: North Yarmouth Historical Society for their preservation of the Dan Paterson Cabin, the windmill and water tower
2008: William Fishleigh for his volunteer manning of the Forge and Anvil Museum in Sparta every weekend from May to October for the past 6 years
2009: Jean McDougall for all her work establishing the Stork Club Museum and Interpretive Centre.
2010: Jim Mathieson for his work with Heritage Port  preserving Port Stanley's History.
2011: Glenn Dutton for his work preserving the history of the Lynhurst area
2012: Dorothy (Dot) Sale for interest in writing articles and books on the history of the Village of Belmont
heritage buildingBuilt Heritage
2004: Sam and Faith McLorn for their restoration of the Moore House, Sparta
2005: Jon and Vicci Coughlin for their restoration of Telegraph House, Port Stanley
2006: Gary and Marina Morritt for their restoration of Alma Villa, Port Stanley
2007: John Smith for he and his family's restoration of the Selbourne Mill in Port Stanley
2008: Brenda and Kees Louws for their accurate restoration of their heritage farm house on Robert's Line
2009: Sparta Historical Society Building Committee for the preservation of the Forge and Anvil Museum built in 1827
2010: Steve and Alana McFadden for the preservation and restoration of the "Mud Cottage" in Sparta.
2011: The Vedova family for the preservation of the Kettle Creek inn in Port Stanley.
2012: Duncan and Barb Watterworth for the preservation their Georgian Style early heritage home in Lynhurst
trees near the water
Natural Heritage
2004: Bill Corner for the Carolinian restoration of his 50 acre property in both forest and marsh on Fruit Ridge Line
2005: Ron Casier for the infilling of Carolinian forests using pits and mounds on his farm on Southdale Line
2006: Ed Pietrzak for the restoration of Carolinian forests and wetlands on his tree farm on Dexter Line
2007: Jon Mansell for the Carolinian reforestation of his property on Ferguson Line for many years
2008: Cyril Crocker for all his work with the Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders and the St. Thomas Field Naturalists as well as assisting the Stewarts with their publications
2009: The Girls Guides for the Carolinian restoration at Camp Orenda.
2010: Wayne Hardison and Sue Brooks for their restoration of Carolinian species on the Prospect St. property in Port Stanley.
2011: Peter Corner for his continued work preserving the Carolinian life zone on the 50 acres his father Bill Corner set up on Fruit Ridge Line
2012: John Martyn for preserving the natural heritage of Carolinian life zone for over 60 years.

Heritage Garden Award
2007: Cathy McGregor Smith and Gary Smith for growing heritage vegetables and saving the seeds as well as selling the plants

Lieutenant Governor's Award
2006: Don Williams for being one of the originators and 25 years of volunteer work with the Dan Patterson Steam Show
2007: Sally Martyn for over 30 years of heritage preservation in Sparta, including the establishment of the Forge and Anvil Museum
2008: Bill Turvey for his 25 years of work with the Port Stanley Terminal Railway and his work in the Railway Hall of Fame
2009: Don Cousins for his many years with the Elgin Historical Society, Heritage Port and work with the Cameron slides.
2010: Jane Zavitz-Bond for her work preserving the history of the Quakers in Sparta and Canada as a whole.
2011: Frank Prothero for all his work publishing the many books on the history of Port Stanley in conjuction with his wife Nancy Prothero.

2012: Nancy Prothero for all her work publishing the many books on the history of Port Stanley in conjunction with her husband Frank Prothero.
Youth Heritage Leaders Award:
2007: Dana Lauzon for her environmental work with Carolinian species and Emily McLorn for her work preserving the cultural heritage of the Sparta area


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