Radon Mitigation

Central Elgin Radon Mitigation Program

The Municipality of Central Elgin is proactively addressing radon gas in new buildings and additions though a Soil Gas Mitigation Program.  According to the results from residential surveys completed by Health Canada, 7.6% of 92 randomly tested buildings within Elgin County exceeded the recommended guideline for radon gas of 200 Bq/m3. This level of test failure has prompted the implementation of the Soil Gas Mitigation Program, which will apply to all building permits applied for after February 29, 2016.

Radon is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that is formed naturally by the radioactive breakdown of uranium contained in soil, rock and water.  Radon usually escapes from the ground into the air where it mixes with fresh air resulting in concentrations too low to be of concern.  However, when radon enters an enclosed space, such as a building, it can accumulate to higher concentrations. 

The only known health concern associated with radon is an increased risk of developing lung cancer.  The level of risk depends on the concentration of radon and the length of exposure.  Not everyone exposed to radon will develop cancer.  The time between exposure and the onset of the disease is usually many years.

For more information please contact: Leon Bach, Chief Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer, 519-631-4860 ext 274, or lbach@centralelgin.org.

Building Department Radon Bulletin

This bulletin from the Central Elgin Building Department is meant to further educate homeowners in Central Elgin about how radon enters the home, the implementation of a Soil Gas Mitigation Program, and options for radon testing.  The bulletin can be found here.

Radon Testing

Do-it-Yourself Test Kits: http://www.carst.ca/radonwebsales/

Individuals certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP): http://www.carst.ca/page-1859536

More Information

Guide for Radon Measurements in Residential Dwellings (Homes)

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Health Canada - Radon in Ontario


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