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Paid Parking in Port Stanley

Pay-by-Plate Parking at Port Stanley Main Beach

Central Elgin has introduced a new method of paying for parking in the vicinity of Port Stanley Main Beach, PAY-BY-PLATE.  Fees are $2 per hour to a maximum of $10 in most lots; the Main Beach and Lotus Lane lots are $3 per hour to a maximum of $15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pay-by-Plate parking?
A: Pay by Plate is a new technology to pay for parking.  In 2007, Calgary was the first Canadian community to use Pay-by-Plate. Denver was the first city in the US to introduce Pay-by-Plate parking, starting in 2008.  Numerous municipalities in Canada and the US have since launched Pay-by-Plate parking,replacing older Pay and Display machines.  You will be seeing more and more pay-by-Plate parking machines as this new technology becomes more common in North America.

Q: How does Pay-by-Plate work?
A: Paying for parking with Pay by Plate takes only 3 simple steps. Customers park, walk up to ANY Pay-by-Plate machine, punch in their licence plate, and make payment by credit card or cash (quarters, loonies and toonies, some machines accept $5 and $10 bills).  Transaction complete!

Q:   Do customers need to place the receipt on the dashboard?
A:   No, with Pay by Plate it is not necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.

Q:   How do by-law enforcement officers know that I have paid?
A:   With this new technology, once by-law enforcement officers scan the license plate, the paid/unpaid status of vehicles will be displayed on their tablets.  That's the reason why it is no longer necessary to display the receipt on the dashboard.

Q:   Do we need to remember our licence plate every time we walk up to the Pay-by-Plate machine to pay for parking?
A:   Yes. If you have difficulty remembering your licence plate, we would suggest:
• taking a picture of your licence plate with your mobile phone; or
• writing the plate information on a card and placing it in your wallet.

Q: Why didn’t Central Elgin use Pay and Display parking machines like last year?
A: Pay-by-Plate offers several advantages for parking customers:
• Receipts do not work well for convertibles and motorcycles;
• Receipts show thieves when the car owner plans to return; and
• Pay and Display was unfriendly for users as they had to walk back to the vehicle to display the receipt.

Pay-by-Plate parking systems offer lower set-up and operating costs.  Lower costs mean more revenue for maintaining and improving the beach area.

Q: Why does Central Elgin charge for parking around Main Beach?
A: Operating and maintaining a large public beach is costly.  Central Elgin provides lifeguards and washrooms.  The beach is raked regularly.  Garbage and recycling cans must be emptied.  Parking revenue helps fund these services.  Central Elgin Council is also committed to improving the beach area with parking revenue.  For example, a large playground was installed on Main Beach this year.


All you have to do to skip the line up at the meter is download the free app, MacKay Pay, or visit mackaypay.com and create an account. 

Zone numbers for the lots in the vicinity of Main Beach are as follows:

Zone 3080 - Main Beach Lot
Zone 3081 - Old Ball Park
Zone 3082 - Pierside Beach
Zone 3083 - Boat Launch
Zone 3084 -Former Lakes Terminal Property

A map of these zones can be found here.

There are signs posted in each of these lots that indicate what zone you are parking in.  If you are parking with a boat and trailer, no matter what zone you are in, you must use Boat Launch Zone 3083 for the proper rates.  Rates are the same as purchasing time at the parking meters, however there is a .35 cent administration fee for using the pay-by-phone app.

Enter your license plate number, length of stay, and credit card information, and you are ready to hit the beach!

The MacKay Pay app also allows you to extend your length of stay, as well as sends out reminders before your time expires.

Seasonal Parking Passes

Starting April 10, parking passes are available for a fee of $100 + HST from the Central Elgin Municipal Office in the Elgin County Administration Office, 450 Sunset Drive, Central Elgin, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Parking passes can also be ordered online and the pass will be mailed to the applicant.
Parking Pass Application Form

Beach Zone Parking Enforcement
There will be no charge to park on streets in the vicinity of Main Beach.  Vehicles, illegally parked will be ticketed with higher fines for parking violations for streets in the Beach Zone.  Beach Zone streets include:  Bessie Street, Carlow Road south of Erie Street, Edith Cavell Boulevard, Erie Street, First Street,Fourth Street, Lotus Lane, Maud Street, Second Street, Stanley Park Drive, Third Street and William Street south of Erie Street.

Starting in 2017, there is a 2 hour parking limit on the West side of William Street.

Other Beach Information
The Municipality of Central Elgin operates four public beaches in Port Stanley: Erie Rest Beach, Little Beach, Main Beach Beach, Pumphouse Beach.
To learn more about Main Beach Safety, click here.
To learn more about the Main Beach Patrol service, click here.
To learn more about Beach Water Quality, click here

Main Beach is a Blue Flag beach. To learn more, click here.

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