Port Stanley Harbour Historic Information

Port Stanley Harbour Historic Information

The ownership and operation of Port Stanley Harbour was transferred to the Central Elgin from Transport Canada on September 8, 2010.  With the transfer of the harbour came a one time contribution of $13.6 million to fund operation of the harbour, including dredging and pier/breakwater repair and reconstruction.  In addition, Transport Canada will clean up the “berm” lands on the east side of the harbour to permit Parkland uses of the lands.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan/Divestiture Negotiations

To provide negotiating advice and assist with carrying out the due diligence process, the Municipality retained Mark Conway, RPP of N. Barry Lyons Consultants Ltd., Toronto and Brian Riggs, P.Eng of Riggs Engineering Ltd., London.  Mr. Conway is a land use planner with experience in port economic development.  Mr. Riggs is a civil engineer with expertise in marine facilities.  In addition, the Municipality retained solicitor Nicholas T. Macos of Black Sutherland LLP, Toronto to provide legal advice and Dillon Consulting to provide advice on environmental matters.

Mark Conway of N. Barry Lyon Consulting prepare a feasibility study and business plan.  The plan was developed with public input obtained during three separate meetings held in 2009.

Port Stanley Port Facility Feasibility Study and Business Plan

In February 2010, Transport Canada made a formal offer to the Municipality of Central Elgin.  Mark Conway updated his business plan to determine the feasibility of accepting the proposed $13.6 million contribution and the twenty year time frame to spend the contribution.  The analysis indicated that the contribution would be sufficient to manage near term liabilities for 35 to 40 years.  The results of this analysis of the Transport Canada were presented to the public at a public meeting held on April 20, 2010.

Presentation to Public – April 2010

Two business plan scenarios developed by Mark Conway are presented below:

Scenario 1
Assumptions: 3.25 % Net Return on Investment, $2.9 million expenditure on parking and park development, $4.8 million expenditure on breakwater and pier repairs, $1 million dredging expense every 5 years (2009 dollars)

Scenario 2
Assumptions: 4.25 % Net Return on Investment, Parkland created through environmental risk assessment mitigation, $9.4 million expenditure on breakwater and pier reconstruction, $1.5 million dredging expense every 5 years (2009 dollars)

The different spread sheets were developed to illustrate the different scenarios available to Council and the Municipality.

Following Council acceptance of the Transport Canada offer on April 22, 2010, Agreements to Transfer and related Agreements were prepared and approved by Council and the Minister of Transport.

Harbour Divestiture Agreements - Part 1 (2MB)
Harbour Divestiture Agreements - Part 2 (2 MB)

A Vision for Port Stanley Harbour

Port Stanley Harbour in the Future

The environmental risk assessment process will continue as part of the clean up of the harbour lands to permit Parkland uses on the berm area on the east side of the harbour.  This work will be carried out at Transport Canada’s expense.  The Municipality of Central Elgin will monitor this process which will include additional public consultation,  analysis, and remediation, mitigation or management of any contaminants.  This process is expected to take 2 to 3 years.

Council is moving forward with developing the strategic economic development action plan to make the vision a reality.  At the April 11th, 2011 Council meeting, Council approved terms of reference for a new Harbour Vision Committee that will provide input to Council

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Port Stanley Harbour Economic Development Plan

The Port Stanley Harbour Economic Development Plan, adopted in 2013, has a number of primary objectives, including:

  • Review potential redevelopment concepts and plans for harbour lands
  • Identify innovative development concepts that build on a vision of a small craft harbour
  • Identify economic development opportunities for Port Stanley Harbour
  • Consider economic development, social and community development and environmental stewardship in the development of the harbour
  • Provide recommendations for any modifications to the relevant land use policies for the harbour area
  • Identify specific actions that will assist with the transformation of the Port Stanley harbour into a small craft harbour that remains supportive of the existing commercial fishing industry and recreational boaters

The Port Stanley Harbour Economic Development Plan can be found here.


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