Heritage trees

Heritage Trees

The St. Thomas Field Naturalist's Club has compiled, over the course of several years, a list of the oldest, tallest, largest and rarest native and exotic tree species growing in Elgin County. One example of each species is designated with a small plaque attached to the tree. Since these plaques are pretty well invisible to the passing motorist, the forestry sub committee of Communities in Bloom has been erecting road signs to draw the attention of passing motorists to these trees.

You may view all the Central Elgin Heritage Trees locations with close up photographs of their leaves and bark, through C Map.

But first, please take a moment to read the following instructions for navigating the C Map site.

When you get to the C Map web site, select "Find on Map" on the left hand side of the screen. In the pop up box which appears select "Heritage Trees" and click "next".

If you know the species of tree which you are looking for, select it from the list and a map showing the location of the tree will appear.

Otherwise, close the box containing the list of trees, select "Locate an Address" and enter the address (e.g. 6387 Quaker Road) in the pop up box. Then select "Layer Control". Check both boxes beside "Heritage Trees", followed by "Refresh". The tree you are interested in will (finally) appear on the map.

To see photographs of the tree, click on the map icon. (But please note that we have not yet photographed, or sign posted all of our Central Elgin Heritage Trees. This is a work in progress.)

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