Environmental Risk Assessment

Port Stanley Harbour Environmental Risk Assessment

What is an environmental Risk Assessment (RA)?

An environmental RA is a scientific process used to describe and estimate the likelihood of adverse health effects (i.e., potential risks) to human and ecological receptors resulting from exposure to environmental contaminants at a site.. Three components must be present for potential risks to exist:
1. Chemicals must be present at concentrations sufficient to cause a possible adverse effect;
2. A receptor (e.g., people, wildlife) must be present; and
3. There must be a complete exposure pathway by which the receptor can come into contact with the chemical.
Where potential risks are identified, remediation and/or risk management is required to address the risk.​
What properties does the RA apply to?
The risk assessment will apply only to the property formerly owned by Transport Canada but will consider possible effects from adjacent properties. The Municipality of Central Elgin now owns the outer and inner harbour (south of Bridge Street), including the east and west pier, the east headlands and the east and west breakwaters that protect the harbour.

View Ontario Ministry of Environment Comments on Initial Risk Assessment Report (Dated December 2010)
View Ontario Ministry of Environment Comments on Revised Risk Assessment Report (Dated August 2014)
Project Update for Environmental Risk Assessment at Port Stanley Harbour  (Dated July 2015)
Project Update for Environmental Risk Assessment at Port Stanley Harbour (Dated April 2016)

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