Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

The purpose of an emergency response plan is to provide elected officials, personnel, and emergency response agencies with an overview of the guidelines to their expected response and responsibilities to an emergency situation within the Municipality of Central Elgin.  For this plan to be effective it is imperative that all officials, departments and agencies be aware of their respective roles and be prepared to carry our their assigned responsibilities.

For the purposes of this plan, an emergency is defined as an abnormal situation which threatens the health, safety, welfare and property of a community, and requires a coordinated and controlled response from elected officials, personnel, and emergency response agencies.

While many emergencies could occur within the Municipality of Central Elgin, the most likely to occur are: floods, water pollution, blizzards, cold waves, crop disasters, frost and freeze-ups, heat wave, high winds, ice storms, severe thunderstorms, snow storms, tornadoes, torrential rains, explosions, hazardous chemical spills, power failures, structural collapses, urban fires, transportation accidents (rail and road) involving hazardous materials, and ice jams.

To view the Municipality of Central Elgin Emergency Response Plan, please click here.

Accessible formats of the Emergency Response Plan are available upon request.  To make a request, please contact Dianne Wilson.

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