To develop our municipality through responsible fiscal management and long range planning while having regard for our urban, agricultural, tourist and recreational communities, with a vision for economic stability.

Corporate Services provides a wide variety of services associated with Council, Administration, building inspection, by-law enforcement, land use planning, human resources and animal control.

To contact staff within the Corporate Services Department please call               519-631-4860 or e-mail :

Donald Leitch, Chief Administrative Officer & Clerk

519-631-4860 ext. 276,


Dianne Wilson, Deputy Clerk/Records Management Coordinator

519-631-4860, ext. 286,


Shelly Steffler, Municipal Intern

519-631-4860 ext 239,

Anouschka Van den Bosch 
Human Resources/Health and Safety Coordinator
519-631-4860 ext.248

Leon Bach, Chief Building Official/By-law Enforcement Officer 
519-631-4860 ext. 274

Andy Lamers, Building Official/By-law Enforcement Officer
519-631-4860 ext. 245

Mary-Lou Vanrooy, Planning & Development Assistant
519-631-4860 ext. 281


The Municipality of Central Elgin provides its residents and businesses with essential services such as garbage collection and recycling programs, roads, water treatment and distribution, sanitary sewers,  storm sewers, drainage, arenas and parks. Physical Services develops the procedures and by-laws to ensure that these services continue to operate cost effectively and safely.

Lloyd Perrin, Director of Physical Services
519-631-4860, ext. 277

Geoff Brooks, Assistant Director of Physical Services
519-631-4860, ext. 247

Matt Criel, GIS/Asset Management 
519-631-4860, ext. 242

Sean Waterman, Engineering Technologist
519-631-4860 ext 287
Carlos Reyes, Senior Engineering Technologist
519-631-4860 ext 272

Birdie Peynenburg, Physical Services Assistant
519-631-4860, ext. 283

Stacey Ward, Physical Services Assistant

519-631-4860, ext 278


Financial Services is responsible for the Corporation's long and short term financial planning; the development and monitoring of the Corporation's Current and Capital Budgets; the management of all reserve funds; cash management and debt administration.

To contact staff from Financial Services please call 519-631-4860 or e-mail:

Karen Harris, Director of Financial Services/ Treasurer
519-631-4860 ext. 273

Emily Schinbein, Manager of Accounting / Non-Profit Housing Secretary/Treasurer 519-631-4860 ext 271

Nettie Froese, Financial Services Assistant
519-631-4860 ext 280

Andrea Brown, Financial Services Assistant (on leave)
519-631-4860 ext 270

Stephanie Meeuse, Accounts Payable/Benefits/Payroll Assistant
519-631-4860 ext 279

Maggie Mrozek, Financial Services Assistant
519-631-4860 ext 240

Meaghan Vader, Customer Service Representative
519-631-4860 ext 243


Central Elgin is well protected by four fire stations. The stations are supported by approximately 100 volunteer fire fighters and one full-time Fire Chief.

Emergency fire services can be reached by dialing 9-1-1.

To contact staff from Fire Rescue please call 519-631-4860 or e-mail :

Chris McDonough, Director of Fire Rescue Services/Fire Chief

519-631-4860, ext 249

Glenda Vanzanten, Administrative Assistant
519-631-4860, ext. 282



Municipality of Central Elgin 
450 Sunset Drive 
Elgin County Administration Building 
St. Thomas Ontario N5R 5V1

Monday - Friday: 8:30-4:30


Civic Centre Offices in Elgin County Administration Building 

  • Mayor and Council
  • Chief Administrative Officer,
  • Corporate Services Department including Clerk and Building Division,
  • Financial Services,
  • Fire Rescue - Chief, and
  • Physical Services including Director, Assistant Director, Recreation Superintendent and administrative staff

White's Station Operation Centre - Physical Services Operations Superintendent, Water Superintendent and operational staff

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