Central Elgin - Growing Together Awards

Annually the Central Elgin - Growing Together Committee presents awards to local citizen, groups or commercial endeavours who exemplify the best in each of the 8 categories.  The recipients are treated to a dinner and recognized with a certificate for their achievement. 

Prior to 2009, the Municipality participated in the provincial and national Communities in Bloom competition and the awards were presented as part of Central Elgin's participation. 

In 2009 Central Elgin - Growing Together deleted the Turf category and added a Farming Excellence category. In 2011, we also deleted separate heritage awards as we are already doing this through Heritage Central Elgin and the Ontario Heritage Trust. We also chose to eliminate the community involvement category as we do several volunteer awards under a separate committee.

Communities in Bloom and Growing Together Award recipients since 2004 are:


2004:Joint award to Linda Sanderson, Sparta, Harriet DeJonge, Port Stanley, and  Vera Martin, Sparta for cleaning the roads in their communities

2005: Golden K Kiwanis club for maintaining Sunset Road

2006: Knox Presbyterian Church, Belmont for organizing an Earth week cleanup of Belmont for many years

2007: Lynhurst/St. George Community Association for cleaning their community every Earth Day for many years

2008: Harriet and Dave DeJonge for organizing the adopt a street in Port Stanley

2009: Bill Jibson for cleaning Dexter Line

2010: Belmont Scouting Group for cleaning Union Street Park and Talbot Trail Optimists for Cleaning Hwy 3

2011: Port Stanley Public School and the Port Stanley Village Association for cleaning up the East berm.

2012: Sparta Scouting Group for cleaning the community of Sparta every year

2013: Vera Martin of Sparta for continuing her work cleaning the road sides around Sparta



2004: St. Joseph’s Regional Mental Health Care centre for their composting programme
2005Ken and Martha Laing for their Organic farming and energy saving efforts
2006Mr. And Mrs. Robert Ward for farming organically for over 34 years
2007: Joe and Gertrude Hurst for erecting thousands of Bluebird houses and maintaining them for over 20 years

2008: McSmith Organic Farm for the straw bale house with solar hot water and the Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders for their work in preserving and educating about raptors for many years

2009: Robin Baretta for her backyard ecosystem and her art work on Species at Risk

2010: Irene Bouris for her field naturalist work and her natural home environment for wild life

2011: Chuck and Jane Magree for their naturalization of their property on Fruit Ridge Line and their teaching of environmental activities.

2012: Ed Pietrzak for his naturalization of his property and all the environmental programs he teaches there and at
Springwater Conservation Area.

2013: Parkside Collegiate Institute Greening Initiatives for their work around the school

Community Involvement

2004: Lynhurst/St. George Community Association for the playground at Cowan Park

2005: Port Stanley Community Gardeners for the gardens they have planted and maintained on public land in Port

2006: The HUB in Belmont for creating a great variety of services for their community in a short period of time

2007Belmont Community Park Trust for the construction of their new park in Belmont

2008: Waterspots: Annette Giles for creating the beautiful decorations for years at the 4 corners of Port Stanley

2009: International Ploughing Match Committee for the large number of volunteers working on the 2010 match here in Central Elgin

2010: Andrew Hibbert for all his volunteer work in Port Stanley



2004: Heritage Port for the video and DVD productions on the history of their local community

2005: Don Williams for the over 25 years of work on the Heritage Steam Show each August

2006: Port Stanley Terminal Rail for preserving and running the old L&PS railway since 1989

2007: Doors Open Port Stanley/Sparta for opening buildings and featuring events that show the heritage of our area

2008: Telegraph House (Jon and Vicci Caughlin) and Sparta House (Ken and Norma Roberts) for the preservation of these two heritage designated  sites

2009: The Stork Club Big Band Museum and Hall of Fame for preserving this part of our cultural heritage

2010: Sparta& District Historical Society for the preservation of the Forge and Anvil Museum and the area history



2004: Ed Pietrzak for the rehabilitation and reforestation of his property south of Sparta

2005:  St. Joseph’s High School Environmental Class for all their work re-establishing Carolinian species in Central Elgin

2006: Bill Corner for creating a Carolinian refuge with his wife Betty by replanting 50 acres to Carolinian species and deeding it to the Nature Conservancy of Canada

2007: Camp Orenda for the extensive reforestation of their Guide camp in Carolinian trees and bushes over the last 5 years

2008: Phil and Lee Mauer for their Carolinian restoration of their property on Truman Line

2009: Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Robinson on Thomson Line and Mr. & Mrs. John Newman on Sparta Line for their vast areas of Carolinian reforestation on their farms

2010: Randy and Christa Dykstra for the Carolinian reforestation of their farm

2011: Dan Sullivan on Roberts Line and Paul and Yvonne Marott on Fruit Ridge Line for their Carolinian Reforestation projects.

2012: Verne and Rhonda Higgs on Sparta Line and Ed and Brahm Perl on Ron Mcneil Line and Edgeware for their reforestration of their properties as well as establishing naturalized areas.

2013: Tom Martin and Diane Dubois and Elizabeth Thompson for their reforestation and establishing wetland areas on their lands


Floral Display, Landscaped Areas

2004: Brooklins in Belmont for the floral gardens around their store. Gary and Diane Burd for their inspirational landscaping of their property on Sparta Line

2005: Irene Bouris for the development of her area in floral gardens of many types and species. Crickets Art Studio (Darren Thompson and David Greaves) for their incredibly varied landscape of their private and commercial property .

2006: Weeds and Company (Brenda and Kees Louws) commercial and Dale and Raymond Smith, residential

2007: Mickey's Boathouse, commercial and Glenn and Sharon Dutton, residential

2008: Moore Water Gardens (Sue and Farley See), commercial and Susan Brookes and Wayne Hardison, residential

2009: Winter Wheat, commercial and Marlene Smith on Sparta Line and Gary and Diane Rawcliffe on Springwater Road, residential

2010: Lavender Blue and Goodhue Farms, commercial and Mike and Katie Bachner and Bob and Jeanette Walters, residential 

2011: Family Flowers, commercial and Wayne and Janine Eitel and Cheryl Blackman residential.

2012: Canadale Nursery and Goodale Farms, commercial and Andy and Rita Tadema residential.

2013: Concreations (Andy & Siska DeVries) commercial and John and Diane Verbruggan residential

Turf & Ground Cover

2004: St. Thomas Golf and Country Club for their Intergrated Past Management and Audubon designation due to their creative work on the 14th hole

2005: St. Joseph’s Regional Mental Health Care centre for the IPM and use of their created compost on their lawns and gardens.

2006: Linda and Bill Sanderson for their use of both turf and ground covers

2007: Malcolm and Donna Rust for the good mix of turf and groundcovers

2008: Joe and Helen DeMoor for their mix of turf with clover and skree cover


Farming Excellence (new in 2009)

2009: Dan Debackere for turning tobacco land into a great vegetable production area and the Buis Family Farms for their diversity and co-operation in tune with the environment

2010: Markus and Josepha Taylor Belmont Rd for good stewardship on a cash crop farm and Hepburn Orchards, John Wise Ln for excellent production of food safe fruit farming

2011: Ian and Jocelyn Edgar Barnums Gully Line for their rare sheep breed farming and Martin and Maryann Jahnke on Sunset Rd. for their vegetable farming and stand. 

2012: Tammy amd Albert Gredig Ron McNeil Line for their work with apples, with cider awards, baking with the high school food programme and Farmgate Market.

2013: Quai du Vin Winery for the ir work with the vinyards as well as their promotion of their products




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