Assessment & Tax Appeals

Assessment & Tax Appeals

Request For Reconsideration (RFR)

If you feel that the assessment of your property is incorrect, appeals can be made to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). By submitting a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) the resident is asking the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to review their property assessment. There is no fee for an RFR  The deadline for submitting an RFR is March 31st, of the year for which you are requesting the review of assessment.

Further information regarding assessment concerns:

Adjustment of Taxes (Form 357/358)

Any change in the status of your property due to damage by fire, demolition or removal of buildings requires notice in writing by completing a Form 357/358 so that the necessary adjustments to the assessed value and/or tax class can be processed in order to calculate the necessary adjustment.  Appeals must be filed by the last day of February following the taxation year.  (February 28/13 for 2012 taxes.)

Assessment Review Board Complaints (ARB)

To be able to file a complaint with the Assessment Reveiw Board, a property owner must have previously submitted a Request for Reconsideration to MPAC by the March 31st deadline.  Further information regarding assessment appeals may be obtained at:


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